the process for implementing sustainable improvement systems

Not all improvement systems are sustainable. Investigations show that up to 70 percent fail.

But what is the process for creating a sustainable improvement system? It can be concluded that there is a generic process for implementing sustainable improvement systems. This process consists of the phases 1. Initiation 2. Transition 3. Sustainability. Each phase has a certain state that needs to be reached before the next phase can start. (Dag Swartling, 2013).

  • Initiation: Employees regard the changes as beneficial for them
  • Transition: Employees changed their thinking and behavior
  • Sustainablility: Employees run system.
Performance Dialog

The Performance Dialog is a Day Start method that will give you the opportunity to implement a sustainable continuous improvement system following the Initiatie-Transistion-Sustainable steps. Daily continuous improvement and training trajectory for all employees in order to create added value for your customers and company!

Expertise & Proven track record

Based on more than 100 implementations imVibe has developed a method which will keep your business running while there's work in progress. Pragmatic and customer focused.

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